Your horoscope forecast from Sept 19 till 25, 2011

ARIES / Mesha (Fire sign, ruling planet is Mars) – (March 21 – April 20) 
Mars Sign – Stars covered Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika (1st Part)

Success in all your ventures is assured if you plan and act well. Health needs attention, eat healthy. Happy domestic conditions prevail; on professional front too there are chances of job elevation or promotion. Chances of foreign travel or a business trip are high, you may gain success.
TAURUS / Vrushabha (Earthen sign, ruling planet is Venus) – (April 21 – May 21)
Venus Sign – Stars covered Krittika (last 3 parts), Rohini, Mrigashira (first 2 parts)

Social status and domestic peace and happiness are ensured at this time. You stand to gain from sale and purchase of property. Stay away from unnecessary worries, your health may suffer due to stomach ailments though. Keep away from bad company, stay away from quarrels with co-workers. For children there may be a fear of failure in exams.
GEMINI / Mithuna(Air sign, ruling planet is Mercury) (May 22 – June 21)
Mercury Sign – Stars covered Mrigashira (last 2 parts), Ardra & Punarvasu (first 3 part)

Overall happiness and success is assured at this time. Be wise and plan well for your ventures. Income outweighs expenses and fulfillment of all planned ventures. Your gentle nature will make you more popular with the opposite sex. Speculation may bring positive results, do it at your own cost.
CANCER / Kataka (Watery sign, ruling planet is Moon) – (June 22 – July 22)
Moon Sign – Stars covered Punarvasu (4th part), Pushya, Aslesha

Domestic relations are not at its best, abstain from being rude and clear all misunderstandings at the slightest provocation. Expenses on home front need careful planning and investment stay away from unnecessary expenditure. Misunderstandings with peers; friends and seniors may crop in. Do not gamble or speculate; you may loose heavily.
LEO / Simha (Fire sign, ruling planet is Sun) – (July 23 – August 22)
Sun Sign – Stars covered Magha, Purva Phalguni, Uttara Phalguni (1st part)

All your misunderstandings with the spouse will be cleared. Communicate well and be truthful and you will succeed. Your health requires maximum attention at this point in time. Guard against heart and stress related problems at the moment, they need immediate attention and priority. You may see a career change; plan carefully before you take any decision. This is a good time to complete all your commercial and business ventures.
VIRGO / Kanya (Earthen sign, ruling planet is Mercury) (August 23 – Sept. 22)
Mercury Sign – Stars covered Uttara Phalguni (last 3 parts), Hasta, Chitra (first 2 parts)

You may face problems in your profession or that from your superiors. Unnecessary misunderstanding, mental worries and anxieties may lead to depression and affect health. The other side is you will be successful in impressing the opposite sex with happy relations and good name and elevation in society. Travel for business purpose is seen though with little success. Guard against Blood related problems and sore throat. 
LIBRA / Tula (Air sign, ruling planet is Venus) – (September 23 – October 23)
Venus Sign – Stars covered Chitra (last 2 parts), Swati, Vishakha (first 3 parts)

Potential for good income, health and opportunities is very high. This is a great time to fulfill your dreams. Relations with the opposite sex are highly cordial. However, certain planetary influences cause untold and unnecessary problems and loss of money. Being careful in all your undertakings will keep you away from these problems. Health and domestic peace prevail. A short break or an outing will certainly rejuvenate. 
SCORPIO / Vruschika (Water sign, ruling planet is Mars) – (October 24 – Nov 22)
Mars Sign – Stars covered Vishakha (4th part), Anuradha, Jyestha

Positive transitory influence of planets will help and reward you in every way. There is career progression in job or business, positive elevation in society, peace and happiness from spouse and a great domestic environment. However, Saturn’s position may restrain your earning potentials, bringing in health related issues, mental depression and unhappiness for no reason. Constant worries may subdue and drain your energies. 
SAGITTARIUS / Dhanush (Fire sign, ruling planet is Jupiter) – (Nov 23 – Dec 21)
Jupiter Sign – Stars covered Moola, Purva Shada, Uttara Shada (first part)

Heavy expenses, ill health, domestic Potential of good income, name and fame is in store for you, however, heavy expenses are also seen along with ill health and misunderstanding with friends and relatives. Guard against any mishap and fever. You may face unforeseen problems and obstacles at every step, don’t loose hope, you will win at the end. People in Beauty trade, glamour, artists, Gas stations, Pharmaceutical, cotton and iron trade stand to gain much.
CAPRICORN / Makara(Earthen sign, ruling planet is Saturn) – (Dec 22 – Jan 20)
Saturn Sign – Stars covered Uttara Shada (last 3 parts) Shravana, Dhanistha (first 2 parts)

Watch what you write and speak, unfavourable words may prove to be inimical. Guard against fatigue, excessive heat, blood pressure and eye related problems. Transitory planetary effect makes your luck shine giving you money and financial success in your undertakings. Domestic and spousal relations need maximum attention at this point in time.
AQUARIUS / Kumbha (Air sign, ruling planet is Saturn) – (Jan 21 – Feb 19)
Saturn Sign – Stars covered: Dhanishta (last 2 parts) Satabhisha, Purva Bhadra Pada (1st 3 parts)

Despite of all obstacles that you may face at every step, you stand to gain financially and monetarily. Guard against loss of money through deception and fruitless action. Your mind will be clouded with unnecessary thoughts, which may lead to misunderstandings on domestic and Professional front. Protect your position and authority at every cost.
PISCES / Meena (Water sign, ruling planet is Jupiter) – (Feb 20 to March 20)
Jupiter Sign – Stars covered: Purva Bhadra Pada (last part) Uttara Bhadra Pada, Revathi

Spousal relations and domestic happiness will prevail with good financial resources all around you. However, guard against theft, fire and body injury, use precautions in eating, drinking and driving. You may also feel mentally and physically drained, take rest and resist any stressful situation. As stated earlier, misunderstanding with tenants, superiors, co-workers and relatives may occur.

“Be well Guided and Guarded, don’t let life catch you unguarded”
Astrology means “Jyoti-Ish” or “Light of God”. It throws light on all the aspects of our life. It helps in understanding our
  • Health – Illnesses (Tattwa predominance or imbalance of Elements),
  • Dangers, Accidents etc.
  • Career or Profession,
  • Relationships with Family & Friends,
  • Professional growth, objectives and attainment,
  • Financial rewards in life – growth or downfall,
  • Marriage or Spousal relationship,
  • Romance and Love life,
  • Spiritual progression and above all
  • Understanding our own self “Who we are”!
There is always a scope to reduce negative and increase positive effects with proper Astrological interpretation. “Colour therapy, Meditation on Tattwas or Elements, Positive visualization techniques or chanting of Navagraha Mantras” are some of the known remedies that actually help.
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