This Very Special Retrograde Will Reignite Your Inner Fire

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Inner Fire

Surprise: Asteroids can go retrograde, just like the planets in our solar system. One called Vesta, for instance, will begin to track backwards in the sign of Virgo on January 19, and it will continue its moonwalk until April 20. And just like planetary retrogrades (looking at you, Mercury), asteroids’ retrogrades can affect us down here on Earth.

First, a little info about Vesta: “In ancient Rome, Vesta was Saturn’s daughter and one of the three Vestal Virgins who were in charge of keeping the sacred burning fires that protected the city from strife,” explains Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at, adds, “In this manner, the feminine was empowered — as it was all women who kept the sacred flame alive, in spite of the fact a man was at the top of the hierarchy.”

As an asteroid, Vesta is one of the four goddesses that express different dimensions of our sexuality, says Montúfar. “In the birth chart, Vesta represents our fire within, what is most sacred to us, as well as how we express our spiritual devotion,” she explains. Vesta is also often called the Goddess of Healing.

Astrologer Lisa Stardust says that Vesta is “the light within that motivates us towards achieving our goals.” She says the asteroid is also connected to family and home, adding, “Depending on what house and planets this asteroid aspects, it can show you where you shine in life and your personal achievements.”

When planets go retrograde, they typically offer a chance for reflection. Vesta’s retrograde isn’s so different: It can point to a shift in our dreams and our goals, a change in residence, or transformation in our relationships with family, Stardust explains. But Vesta’s retrograde is bringing Big Nostalgic Energy to those shifts. “More often than not, it means that we are going back to an old dream and dealing with old familial issues or even reminiscing,” she says. “The need for coddling from our family is strong, as we want to feel comforted by others.”

What’s more, because Vesta is retrograde in logical, systematic Virgo, we’ll have a more critical and discerning eye when we’re looking backwards, Stardust says. You might suddenly be reminded of some 2020 resolution that seems laughable now — but that inspires you to make a new, more relevant set of intentions for yourself. Maybe you’ll sit down to reevaluate where you’re at in your career and make a plan for how to move forward. “For those who are lucky enough to currently have a job, this is also playing out as a devotion to our work and careers,” Stardust explains. “After all, Virgo is one of the worker bees of the zodiac.”

Obviously, this retrograde can be a time of huge growth: It will encourage move forward with lessons we learned in the past, and help us reconnect with rituals that help light our inner fire. But it can also make us feel more judgmental of ourselves, so try to take it easy and don’t let your expectations get the best of you. “This retrograde could be an opportunity to chill out and ask a little less from ourselves,” Montúfar says. You might even find joy in catering to the nostalgia and popping on your favorite early 2000s rom-com — might I suggest The Holiday or She’s The Man?

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