The Wedding Industry In The U.S. Is Blooming Once Again

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Wedding Industry In The U.S

The events of 2020 took a huge toll on the wedding industry, with a global survey showing that 71% of couples postponed their big day to 2021. The good news is that the industry is back in full swing, with hotels, wedding venues, photography studios, caterers, and other main businesses once again having a full client list. In many states, restrictions continue to apply – particularly regarding the maximum number of guests allowed. In Alaska, for instance, indoor events cannot host over 20 people, while in New York, large event venues can have a 30% outdoor capacity and a 33% indoor capacity. In California, permission depends on the classification of areas into tiers. That is, in Tier One areas, outdoor meetings of up to 25 people are permitted (though this capacity is increased to 100 if guests are tested or show proof of vaccination). In Tier Four zones, on the other hand, indoor events of up to 200 are permitted (provided testing or full vaccination is proven). What other changes are shaping the wedding industry in current times?

Embracing Greener, More Intimate Events

Because many states allow larger capacities in outdoor venues, and because these venues are traditionally ideal spots for wedding photography (think seasides, outdoor gardens, and countryside style weddings), more couples are celebrating nature-surrounded events. As one Florida couple told NBC Miami, “We knew in Florida, we couldn’t have over 20 people and everything has to be small now. We still wanted to get to the beach. We still wanted the ocean and the privacy. And it gave us all of that, so we thought, why not do it right now.” Smaller events have an added boon: they allow couples to spend more of their budget on personal products and services – including wedding jewelry, honeymoons, and wedding entertainment.

A Greater Spend On Engagement Rings

Research conducted by has revealed that one of the most significant changes to modern engagement jewelry buying is a bigger spend on wedding jewelry. Smaller spends on wedding ceremonies and the decision to spend the honeymoon closer to home (rather than in an expensive overseas location) have freed up many couples’ wedding ring budgets. Not only are women upping their spend on stones like colored gemstones and diamonds, but men are choosing creative wedding bands that go beyond classic metal wedding band styles. Just a few ring styles for men that are trending include matte hammered black bands, diamond-encrusted bands, asymmetrical black and rose gold bands, and unique styles such as two-toned paisley or link-shaped wedding bands. Some are even choosing to wear more than one band, stacking them together for a more youthful, fashionable feel.

Live Streamed Events

The vertiginous rise of Zoom, Skype, Google Meets and other video conferencing software and apps have made couples far more comfortable live streaming their big event so that family and friends who cannot travel can feel like they aren’t missing out. Couples are upping the fun factor by asking online guests to dress up, inviting a virtual musician to perform, and creating a signature cocktail for online guests to whip up at home so they can join the wedding party for a toast. In order to guarantee a hassle-free event, couples are relying on designated photographers so that the right audio-visual equipment is used, and so that guests can forget about recording key moments and simply concentrate on having a great time.

The wedding industry is back in full swing, despite current restrictions on guests numbers. Couples are choosing to celebrate more intimate, outdoorsy affairs that enable them to rely on a smaller budget and to up their spend on other wedding-related products and services. Finally, live streaming is an ideal way to bring the live event to loved ones who (owing to current restrictions) cannot easily make it to the couple’s big day.

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