This $100 Kitchen Renovation Is Seriously Impressive

If you've rented an apartment, chances are you've had a kitchen like redditor ElizaB's, which she described as "yellow and sticky and ALWAYS dirty." Not only that, but she had a roommate who "cooked like Jackson Pollock and cleaned like a blind toddler," meaning there was little motivation to improve on the situation.

Photo: Via Imgur.

After her roommate moved out, however, she decided it was time for a change and underwent a serious home-renovation project that took two weekends. But — here's the kicker — it only cost her $100.

She started by priming and painting the cabinets and walls. In her post, she admits to taking some shortcuts with this step, like skipping grain filler on the wood, since her apartment was a rental and that would have added more work. Next, it was on to the floor. Here she hacked vinyl plank from Lowe's (only $1 a square foot!) to create a herringbone pattern.

Finally, the old baseboards (which were vinyl, and a cozy home for "bugs") had to go. The end results, which she admits aren't quite perfect, are absolutely stunning — especially when you consider the budget.

Photo: Via Imgur.

As far as doing some pretty permanent work to a rental and risking losing a deposit, ElizaB simply referred readers to this song by NWA that "explains [her] situation pretty well."

To see more of her renovation tips and process pictures, check out the original post over on Imgur.

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