7 Types Of Music-Festival Folks…As Illustrations

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Unless you’re truly dedicated or a music journalist with some insane hookups, you probably pick one music festival to attend a year. Depending on the artists playing, the community attending, and whether you own a tent or not, the fest you choose can say a lot about you as a music fan. Does dubstep take your breath away? Are your favorite bands so new, they don’t even have albums yet? Do you enjoy your stage shows and pool parties in equal measure? Does wearing clothing get you down? 

From Coachella to the Electric Daisy Carnival, we’ve asked R29 bestie Joana Avillez to put pen to paper and illustrate the typical attendee of some of the most iconic music festivals around. Scroll through to see ’em all — which are you going to be this summer?



Glastonbury — The one festival where “dancing in the rain” is nearly almost an hourly occurance.


Newport — Folk, country, bluegrass fans? This isyour jam.


Coachella — The most commercial of the bunch, Coachella is part music festival, part party hopping, and part street-style scene.


Electric Daisy Carnival — You like music served with a drop? Dislike wearing shirts? You might want to head to Vegas this summer…


Pitchfork — If Pitchfork.com is permanently open on your desktop, you’ll probably make a stop to Chicago this summer. Bonus points for mentally assigning ratings in your head after each set.


The Gathering — Spanning hip-hop, metal, and more, The Gathering of the Juggalos may be the most misunderstood and fascinating music festival around. Prepare to leave covered in a film of dried Faygo and face paint.


Burning Man — For serious campers and festivalgoers only, Burning Man’s no-commerce culture is the stuff of legend. Bring with you: glow sticks, provisions, water. Leave at home: most of your clothing.

Illustrated by Joana Avillez

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