Chinese Sauteed Beancurd Recipe

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Sauteed Beancurd 


2 cakes bean curd

220g pork

60g snow peas

1 tbsp sliced carrots (sliced in flower design)

½ tsp cornstarch blended with 3 tbsp water

1 red chili pepper

1 green pepper

1 stalk leek

1 clove garlic

3 thin slices ginger

3 tbsp oil

Seasoning for pork:

1 tsp cooking wine

1 tsp soy sauce

Seasoning ingredients:

1 tbsp cooking wine

1 tbsp soy sauce

½ tsp sugar

½ tbsp brown bean paste

2 tbsp stock


Drain beancurd and cut into 2 cm pieces. Slice meat and season. Slice the leek. Cut green peppers into 1.2cm sections and crush garlic.

See chili pepper and slice. Heat oil and fry beancurd till light brown. Remove.

Reduce oil to 1 tbsp. Fry garlic till fragrant. Discard and add in ginger, chili pepper and meat. Fry till meat changes color/

Add in the rest of the prepared vegetables and stir fry for 1 minute.

Return the beancurd and add seasonings. Mix gently so as not to break the bean curd.

Stir in the cornstarch mixture to make a smooth gravy. Remove and serve.

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