Spicy Tousali Recipe

Spicy Tousali 

Ingredients :

For the Spicy Tousali :

1 cup raw rice

½ cup coconut, grated

¾ cup cucumbr, grated

2 tsp sugar

3 green chillies, chopped

4 to 5 tbsp curds

4 tbsp melted ghee

salt to taste

oil for cooking

For the Ghee or Churna :

5 ¾ cup grated coconut

¼ cup grated gur

1 tsp green cardamom powder

Method :

For the Ghee or Churna :

Melt the gur in a saucepan.

Put the grated coconut and green cardamom and stir well.

Allow it to cool and keep aside.

For the Spicy Tousali :

Soak the rice for 4 hours in lukewarm water.

Drain, wash and grind to make a smooth paste along with the coconut.

Put the cucumber, sugar, green chillies, curds and salt.

If the batter is too thick, adjust the consistency by mixing enough water to make a batter of dropping consistency.

Keep aside for at least 4 hours.

Heat a non-stick tava and grease it lightly with ghee.

Pour 1 ladle full of the batter on the hot tava and spread it to get a 3 to 4 mm. thick dosa.

Cover with a lid and cook only one side over a slow flame until the base becomes golden brown in colour and the top is firm.

Remove the tousali and repeat the same procedure for the remaining batter.

Ready to serve.

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