Finding Shangri La: Wrapping Your Head Around What? The Problem With Slang

Recently I was at a meeting.  Someone stood up and used the phrase "I can wrap my head around that".  I’d like you to pretend that you are the switchboard operator that receives all of the messages received by your own subconscious mind and that this particular phrase has just been received for your subconscious mind to interpret.  Remember that your subconscious mind cannot think on it’s own.  It is merely a huge filing system/computer that receives messages, images, and unfortunately subliminal input, as well.  Let’s take apart that phrase.  What image do we get when we think about the mind being wrapped around something? Doesn’t it seem like something dangerous has happened like an accident? We have to be careful that your subconscious mind isn’t going to try to comply with what you have just commanded by your speech, because that is how it functions. Doesn’t saying something like: "I am able to grasp that idea", sound better?  Doesn’t that convey that you are ready, willing and able to open up to a new concept?  Doesn’t it sound much more intelligent than using a phrase that someone came up with as a "sales pitch shocker" that is now being parroted by so many people?  Won’t it set you aside to gain a grasp hold on your speech so that you stand out as having clarity and a good command of excellent speaking skills, rather than cliche’ phrases that are now overused and catch all?  It’s so easy to pick up these kinds of phrases and a real task to insure that we don’t, but I encourage you to use the Second Yoga Principle of Breath to make sure that when you speak and your words are carried forth on your exhaling breath, that what you are putting out into the atmosphere is clear, intelligent, high thinking and beyond commonality.  Try it for a week to really guard your speech if you have fallen into this bad habit.  See what other phrases you are using over and over again but that are not putting your best self forward.  Another such phrase is "phenomenal".  Today, everything that everyone says and does seems to be "phenomenal", so that when I hear it, I am very disinclined to want to know more about the subject, because I know this is a typical cliche’ sales pitch. See how much more pristine you feel when you create a whole new speaking pattern for yourself.  If you start to become aware of this success sabotaging habit you will really be shifting the energy around you and you will shine and illuminate the pathway to success.  Believe……..
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