Finding Shangri La: The Universe Speaks Your Language: Are You Listening?

The other evening I had the pleasure of having a dear friend visiting with me.  We had a wonderful conversation about a number of relaxing and interesting subjects.  One in particular was about the ancient Samurai and the television series Shogun that aired back in the 1980’s, about an Englishman who went to sea to find the islands of Japan, and never to return.  Although he didn’t become a Shogun, he was the first non-Japanese to become Samurai.  I also told her about a number combination that is supposed to be very lucky.  The next morning while out meandering the local yard sales, she found a novel.  Sure enough it was about Capt. William Adams.  What are those odds? Secondly, she found that a purchase receipt for that day included the number combination that I had mentioned the night before.  Coincidence? Sure.  But more than that, it is a clear indication that the universe is alive and responsive.  Moreover, that it is speaking to us.  What does this mean in terms of success?  It means that if you speak clearly and generate through spoken speech and uplifting conversations with others what it is that you are trying to find or create-the universe is listening and it will speak back to you through what appears to be a mere coincidence.  It is so much more than that.  Try to communicate more fervently with the living universe and watch your deepest longings come to you in a variety of ways.  Just remember that you have to leave an open quiet space in order to receive the information that you are waiting to hear.  Believe…….  
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