A Day Late With CBC News with Windows 8 and Phone apps

CBC News app has nothing but yesterday’s news

The CBC News Windows 8 and Phone apps are a day late with new stories

In the news business, old news is no news and CBC definitely in the old news department. 

I discovered yesterday that none of the stories on the CBC New apps are up-to-date.

Check out the screen shot above. The stories are 16 hours old, two are 17 hours, one is 21 hours old and two are from the day before that.

CBC Windows Phone App old stories

The same old stories show up on my Nokia 920 Windows phone.

The screen shots were taken at 11 PM on September 24, 2013.

Apparently CBC refreshes their feed to the app around midnight. The stories showing up the next day are 9 hours old at 9 AM.

CBC News is writing and publishing stories all day. The CBC website carried the subtitle “The latest news from across Canada and around the world.”

That may be true on the website but it is not true of their apps. The top story on the CBC News App was posted 1 hour ago. The same story published on the web 3 hours ago.

Local and regional news is even older. On Wednesday, the regional news for Prince Edward Island was from Monday. For Toronto and larger cities the regional news is on par with National stories, or a day late.

I’m going to fire up my iPhone and Nexus 7 to see if those apps have late postings as well.

With more newspapers throwing up paywalls, mobile users are looking for free sources of news. Huffington Post is a good place to start. At the very least, the stories are being updated hourly.

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