Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 52

Once the bus driver had stopped the bus and completed all of the normal safety protocols for shutting down the engine, the students were instructed to exit the bus and collect their picnic boxs, each one even displayed a fun logo with Amelia Earhart’s name and a pair of aviation wings next to a photo of the plane. Gracie suspected that her teacher was as much of an Amelia Earhart fan as she was, as most teachers didn’t go to this much trouble. Gracie could see the sign over the hangar, it said Plainfille Airfield Historic Museum. The teacher showed the pass for 25 students to the person at the entrance gate and they were welcomed in and introduced to the four or five tour guides who would take the students in small groups to the planes and through the photo gallery. Gracie was part of a group of friends that she particularly liked at school and they were all thrilled to be able to tour together, until they had arrived at the plane that each would get to sit in alone. Gracie could also feel Musika squirming around in her pocket as all backpacks had to be left inside the bus. The students could bring cameras with them, but Gracie was the only one who did not have a mobile phone with a camera. Her Yoga*Land mobile phone was certainly equipped with just about anything she could need, but she certainly couldn’t use it there.

Up into the plane Gracie climbed and sat behind the wheel of the cockpit. It was a plane that was a duplicate of Amelia’s Lockheed Electra. She didn’t choose this, she really hadn’t noticed. She, in fact, didn’t even know, until she got into the seat and the tour guide told her he would be right back. It was then that Musika hopped out of her pocket and sprinkled Pink Yoga Bling glitter all over the inside of the plane. In seconds, the Pink Time Tunnel opened and Gracie found herself listening to the engine’s roar. And then, the unbelievable happened. She was flying at Pink Light Speed down the Pink Time Tunnel. The plane lit up in neon pink and when it emerged from the Pink Time Tunnel Gracie could see Musika perched on the dashboard. The little creature was wearing flight goggles and a tiny pink scarf. When Gracie’s faculties returned, she realized that she was in the co-pilot’ seat and that Amerlia Earhart, herself-in the Pink, was sitting next to Gracie in the pilot’s seat. Gracie knew then that they were in Yoga*Land.

To be continued . . . !

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