I Live On Staten Island We Pay $1,800 For 2-Bedroom & An Attic

What $1,800 Gets You In Staten Island, NY

In Refinery29’s Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial women. In today’s episode, Amanda Lee Domenech shows off her Staten Island two-story apartment, which she shares with her husband and a cat.

As a photographer, 28-year-old Amanda Domenech finds light very important. So for her, the selling points of her two-story Staten Island apartment were the high ceilings and morning light — something you can barely find in Manhattan.

“I can actually have plants in this apartment, which is crazy,” Domenech says. “What really sold me was the kitchen with the vaulted ceiling. I feel so inspired when I’m drinking my coffee.”

The bright two-bedroom space has an extra bonus, as well. Domenech and her husband outfitted the attic with a guest room, an office space, and even a space for her husband to jam out on the drums. And with their creative sensibilities combined (her husband is a videographer), they’ve created a colorful, punchy home inspired by their travels.

“I really wanted to go with a Scandinavian scene, but if it was up to my husband it would look like a hotel,” Domenech says. “There would be nothing in it.”

Watch the video above to get a grand tour of their home, and learn a few decorating tricks while at it. The most important one? Stay patient. “You’re never going to find the perfect piece at the time that you need it,” Domenech says.

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