Kambakkht Ishq

EXPECTATIONS Akshay Kumar. Kareena Kapoor. Sylvester Stallone. Anu Malik. Sajid Nadiadwala. Bollywood meets Hollywood. And we are talking about expectations here? It’s as simple as that – Kambakkht Ishq is the biggest ever film to be released so far in 2009 and no wonder expectations are sky high. With such huge names involved, multi crore budgets, promos doing an instant trick and the full-on unabashed commercial masala appeal that this film directed by debutant Sabbir Khan carries, Kambakkht Ishq has a lot riding on it.

MUSIC As is the case with majority of Akshay Kumar movies, Kambakkht Ishq too has a special song by a guest composer and this is evidenced in the form of ‘Om Mangalam’ which is composed and performed by RDB with the ‘shlok’ portion being created by Anu Malik himself. A number which is already en route to be a chartbuster in less than a week of promotion, ‘Om Mangalam’ is a title song in itself as it has words Kambakkht Ishq being repeated throughout it’s four and a half minutes duration. Never before has a chant being presented in such an innovative avtar but RDB make it possible with ‘Om Mangalam’ which is the next anthem song in the offering, courtesy it’s catchy rhythm, fast paced Western arrangements, good vocals and above all, excellent picturisation and choreography. Coming again in a ‘reprised version’, ‘Om Mangalam’ continues to make an impression due to its foot-tapping appeal. Expect this version to be hot favourite with DJs in days to come!
From this point on it is Anu Malik and lyricist Anvita Dutt Guptan all the way. Neeraj Shridhar, who has been the voice of Akshay Kumar for many a chartbusters, modulates his vocals for ‘Lakh Lakh’. A ‘Khud Ko Kya Samajhti Hai’ [Khiladi] situation revisited with Akshay Kumar being the common factor, this time on it is the ‘bhangra’ flavour that finds it’s way into the narrative. Coming soon after ‘Om Mangalam’, this number is not really the best follow up number that one would have expected in Kambakkht IshqHowever, yet again, picturisation should do the trick and perhaps make ‘Lakh Lakh’ (that also appears in a remix version) a visually appealing number since the film has been shot on a lavish scale. 

However, there is immediate redemption in the form of ‘Bebo’ (yes, that’s actually the title of the song). The number has a vintage Anu Malik feel to it, what with Alisha Chinai joining the fun. It is exciting to see Anu and Alisha coming together for ‘Bebo’ which promises a seductive-n-naughty outing. What also makes ‘Bebo’ special is the fact that from arrangements to the song styling to Alisha’s voice to an overall attitude, it brings back the memories of many a musical chartbusters that Anu Malik had delivered in the 90s. This one is bound to make a mark even visually and should become popular amongst the lounge crowds. Also, as an alternative, there is a ‘club mix’ version that should make for a good hearing during a round of drinks! The moment name K.K. comes on the credits, more often than not one can be sure that there would be a good song in the offering. This time around, it’s the turn of (bona fide) title song ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ to make its presence felt in the album. K.K. sings the track in high spirits while reminding of R.D. Burman who used to enjoy such outings. Sunidhi Chauhan joins K.K. for this extremely catchy number which may not be high on lyrical quotient but has in it to enable a young-n-energetic fun-filled outing. A party number, ‘Kambakkht Ishq’ is later heard in a much mandated ‘remix version’. Much needed ‘thehrav’ comes in the form of ‘Kyun’ which again has vintage Anu Malik written all over it. A mushy romantic number that could well have been a Javed Akhtar written number, ‘Kyun’ sees Anu Malik getting inspired by R.D. Burman (as evidenced in arrangements that remind of the 70s). Meanwhile Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal take it upon themselves to ensure that together, they come up with yet another duet that deserves to stand out amidst all the fun, ‘masti’ and ‘hungama’ that has been an integral part of the album so far. Shreya Ghoshal is later heard in a solo version of the same song while making sure that audiences get a lot more beyond the surface in case of Kambakkht Ishq.  Aaum and Sulaiman Merchant are the guest composers for the English track ‘Welcome To Hollywood’ which could well be the theme track of Kambakkht Ishq considering the fact that the film has been shot in a major way in Hollywood. Karsh Kale and Anushka Manchanda come together for this ‘full-on-attitude’ track which makes an impact in spite of singers not really going ballistics behind the mike. Written by director Sabbir Khan himself, this is one theme track which deserves to be placed at multiple junctures in the film’s narrative.

OVERALL Kambakkht Ishq delivers what it promised at the very onset. A ‘masala’ outing was very much in the offering and that is ensured by means of ‘Om Mangalam’ and title song ‘Kambakkht Ishq’. Meanwhile, there is also some nice little surprise in place in the form of ‘Kyun’ and ‘Bebo’ that make the album a satisfying affair.

OUR PICK(S) Om Mangalam, Bebo, Kyun Â

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