Hilde F. Johnson Condemns Jalle Incident

Hilde F. Johnson

Hilde F. Johnson

Hilde F. Johnson, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General to South Sudan, has called on the Government of South Sudan and traditional leaders to stop vicious violence acts in Jonglei State.

In a press release, Hilde said the killings this week in the Jalle Payam, Bor South County, as well as in Twic East County villages underscores the importance of the Jonglei Peace Process and the urgent need to move forward.

The attack on Jalle that took place last Monday, 5th December 2011, killing more than 40 villagers (mainly women, children, and the elderly) and wounded many others leaving buildings and other dwellings were burned and large numbers of livestock were stolen.

‘UNMISS condemns the attack and calls on the Government of the Republic of South Sudan, traditional leaders and other authorities to strengthen efforts to put an immediate end to any further violence, and to identify and bring to justice the perpetrators of these crimes,’ said Hilde.

There are concerns over reports of mobilization of armed fighters in key communities in Jonglei State.

Hilde called on the national government and traditional leaders to stop any such mobilization.  “This cycle of violence has to stop,” she said. “While respecting their need to protect themselves, the communities of Jonglei should be encouraged to refrain from mobilizing their fighters since this will only perpetuate the grisly cycle of mass violence and retaliation.” she added.

The peace process must expand to include all communities in Jonglei State, she added. UNMISS will continue to support the church-led, inclusive Jonglei Peace Process, in particular the preparations for the Luo-Nuer – Murle peace conference, and the all Jonglei State Peace Conference in January between the six main communities in the State, including the Dinka.

However, during the recent incident last month in Jalle Payam of Bor County, the United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) visited the area of Jalle and Bor South County and helped evacuate some of the casualties to Juba hospital earlier this week. 

In an effort to contain possible mobilization, UNMISS facilitated the visit by Archbishop Daniel Deng to the area of tension. UNMISS also sent aerial reconnaissance flights and integrated teams into the area to help stabilize the situation.

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