ANCYL man sticks to calling Zille racist B

The provincial coordinator of ANC Youth League Senzeni Mphila denies taking back his words and clarifies on Tuesday that he did not delete his comment regarding Zille on moral grounds but he is often in the habit of deleting the tweets which become irrelevant to him and said that Zille story was no more important to him.

The Premier of Western Cape Helen Zille used discriminatory and degrading comments for Eastern Cape black students attending schools and colleges in Western Cape in search of better education and termed them as “refugees” in one of her tweet messages. The premier went on to use such dangerous words on her public profile not realizing the level of adverse effects it could have on her political career. Eastern Cape population took serious notice of the comments made by the government officer and demanded an explanation to her mind set. Several political leaders of ANC and ANCYL joined the residents of Eastern Cape in the protest.

Seeing the words used by the premier for the blacks of Eastern Cape and not seeing any signs of remorse over her use of words, the provincial coordinator of ANCYL called the premier a “racist bitch” in one of his tweets. Making a statement on Monday regarding his tweet Mphila said, “I have not retracted my words, now and again I remove tweets that have become irrelevant in my account, and Zille’s comment is now irrelevant to me. The ANC has responded politically to her racist statement and covered all avenues. She will never rule in the Eastern Cape. People will never vote for her. Her true colours are starting to show, that she only caters for one race that has benefited from the apartheid era.”

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