MPs Summoned From Recess

The Eastern Equatoria State Legislative Assembly Premises [Gurtong | File]

The governor has issued a circular after consultations with Emmanuel Ambrose Ocholimoi in accordance with Article 17 of Eastern Equatoria State Legislative Assembly Conduct of Business Regulations 2011 amended 2012.

Louis Lobong Lojore summoned all Members of Parliament to report to the state Assembly within seven days with effect from 22 October 2012 for an emergency meeting.

The governor is expected to address the house on 24 October 2012 on the recent agreements signed between the governments of the Republic of South Sudan and that of Republic of Sudan.

The South Sudan national assembly ratified the cooperation agreements on Monday.

The speaker quoted the Article 17 of Conduct of Business Regulations 2011 amended 2012 in recalling the members from recess which states “In case of an emergency and if the Assembly is not in session, the State Governor or the Speaker may call an extra-ordinary sitting of the Assembly at any time, he or she considers expedient.”

With effect from 1 October 2012, the legislators had been released to go for a 45 day recess and were expected to resume their third session on 15 November 2012.

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