Calm Returns To Pibor County

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

“My visit to Pibor was to acquaint myself with the situation especially Pibor County which was experiencing rebellion by David Yau Yau so I went there to see the situation and talk to the people and I found the security situation is under SPLA control,” Jonglei State governor Kuol Manyang Juuk said.

He said that the David Yau Yau militia have moved from Pibor towards north of Likuangole and the SPLA forces are monitoring the situation and movements.

The governor appealed to the people in Pibor County to send messages to the followers of Yau Yau to abandon him because he has nothing to offer.

“We went and appeal to the people to send messages to the followers of Yau Yau to abandon him because he has no cause, what he is doing is only destruction and also a delay of the development, people are in need of services,” Manyang said.

He said that Yau Yau will not help people in any ways as he has nothing to give them, and urged the people to come back home in Gumuruk, Kothchar and other affected villages in the county.

He said that the people need roads and investors to go to the areas but the insecurity is hampering investments in the area.

The governor made a week tour where he visited the counties to acquaint himself with the situation and how he can assist the affected.

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