SPLM State Secretary Calls For Peaceful Solution On Wau Dispute

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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He said that intimidation using threats, lies and political upheaval are not the best solutions for handling the current crisis in the state.

Naro said that a consensus program should be reached and agreed upon will for easy implementation and execution.

He said that the current mess in Wau is because of some people wanting to benefit themselves rather to the serve the system.

“Now if we come to our sense that one person decision will be disaster then the owner should reverse it without beating around the bush, “he said.

Naro urged the two sides to open up a peaceful solution adding that everybody has right to all of basic needs as stipulated in National Transitional Constitution of South Sudan.

He urged two sides to accept the facts and provide easy solution through peaceful compromise.

“The reverse in this respect would be agreed on or rejected by all concerned, let us have courage to accept truths for one another so that we live in peace. The more we are peaceful the more development will be carried out easy,” he said.

Disputed erupted in Western Bahr el Ghazal state last month following the state government orders to transfer the two, Wau and Jur River headquarters outside the town as part of taking towns to the village.

The issue of Wau County refusing to comply with the order appears to be dividing the assembly as some MPs from Raga and Jur River counties are pointing their fingers at Wau County.        

This week, Western Bahr el Ghazal state community members in Juba called for intervention of the leadership of Republic of South Sudan to intervene over what they described as political crisis in the state.

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