Cabinet Endorses Decision To Retain Teachers Undergoing University Education

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The teachers shall now be requested to sign an agreement with the education and public service ministries and shall continue to receive their monthly pay until they complete their studies.

The cabinet further considered and approved those teachers who have been serving under provisional appointment for permanent appointments into civil service.

The minister said that the beneficiaries will now be required to provide some missing information such as date of enrolment and period in which one will be at the university.

Recently, the acting Director General at the State Ministry of Education in Eastern Equatoria State, Adelio Ojina Quinto announced that a large number of teachers risked losing their jobs for failing to submit their qualification document to the ministry as directed by the council of ministers resolution.

More than 80 are likely to lose their job due to lack of sincerity and failure to provide essential qualification documents.

Ojina said he has presented a report containing a list of 112 teachers currently studying at various universities for possible considerations.

Only 27 teachers were found to be permanently employed and 85 have been appointed under provisional status.

He says that majority of the victims seeking further studies have deserted duty by pretending that they are teachers and continue receiving money.

According to Ojina, most of the victims are currently pursuing their studies in various universities in Juba, Bahr el Ghazal, Rumbek, Upper Nile, Christian, Nkumba (Uganda), St. Mary (Uganda), Makerere (Uganda) and Cavendis(Uganda).

It is reported that several of the teachers are undertaking different faculties outside the education profession notably in Engineering, Human Resources, Medicine, Law, Communication, Public Administration, Development Communication, and Management Science.

He clarifies that those who have diverted from faculty of education have automatically lost employment from the ministry.

In mid December, the ministry notified teachers currently studying at various Universities who were not officially released by the State Council of Ministers to urgently submit their documents to the ministry.

The teachers were required to submit their documents not later than 21st December 2012.

The documents included an Admission letter from a University or identity card from a University or College with the latest progress report or Transcript and a copy of appointment letter by the State Ministry of Education or Public Service.

They were also required to submit a copy of release letter from the State Ministry of Education or Resolution from the State Council of Ministers if any.

Officials have noted that some teachers have left for their studies to various Universities leaving big gaps in schools, but their salaries have been cashed by relatives.

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