Bidding Delays Juba-Nadapal Road Works

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Eastern Equatoria State Transport and Roads Minister, Charles Ambrose Lokonoi has complained that the selection of a competent company to start tarmacking the road has created doubts and dissatisfaction by the people on the side of the government because of delays to have the work commenced.

While appreciating the World Bank for its commitment to funding government’s plan to the road linking with Kenya, the minister urges the leadership of the National Ministry of Roads and Bridges under the headship of Gier Chuong, help expedite the selection process of a competent company so to enable the work start soon on the project funded by the World Bank.

He clarifies that the National Ministry of Roads and Bridges in close consultation with the World Bank, is currently still looking for trusted single contractor so it will re-contract other subcontractors to do the highway which will begin at Nadapal until it ends at Nisitu in Juba.

The Minister explains that the sub-contractors shall divide the highway into 50 kilometres each but shall be supervised by the senior globally contracted company.     

He believes once the highway will enhance trade and industry between the two countries.

In October 2012, the minister announced that the construction would commence within 90 days with World Bank donation of the whole project costing a US$ 360 Million.

The project is to be completed in three to four years.

Out of US$ 360 Million, the Minister revealed US$ 75 Million has been released to enable the phase one construction.

Nadapal, the main border linking South Sudan to Kenya is where the construction of road will commences while Nisitu, where Torit road intersects Nimule-Juba highway, will end.

The minister assured that the construction will commence and US$ 75 Million had been released to enable the construction.

He said the state managed to get assistance from United Nations Mission In South Sudan (UNMISS) and contracted a company to ensure items of unexploded ordinance are removed on the sides of the road so that construction is smooth.

Last year, Kenya and South Sudan were in talks to construct a US$ 1 billion road linking Eldoret to Juba to enhance trade between the two countries.

Kenya’s Roads’ minister Franklin Bett said plans are underway to start the project, once the design is complete and financing is secured from development partners.

The 920 kilometre Eldoret-Juba road is critical to enhancing trade between the two countries. The two ministries said they have requested the World Bank to finance the project.

Detailed design consultancy has been concluded on the South Sudan side, but the same is to be completed on Kenyan side by April 2013.

The road would have a one-stop border post at Nadapal, axle load facilities and social amenities like boreholes and security outposts.

South Sudan minister for Roads and Bridges, Mr Gier Aluong, said the country’s citizens have put the government under pressure to upgrade the road network, which has immense social, economic and geopolitical importance.

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