Agriculture Minister Releases Personnel To Establish Tree Nurseries At The Counties

Jonglei State Agriculture and Forestry Minister, Mayen Ngor Atem. [Jacob Achiek Jok]

The planning which was initiated to setup extension system in all counties in 2013 was proposed by the State Agriculture Minister, Mayen Ngor Atem last year.

The trained agriculturalists from eight counties of Jonglei state have been sent back for the preparation of nurseries in their counties.

“The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has trained Agriculturalists from eight counties and were sent back to their counties for implementation of those nurseries,” Ngor said.

He said that Fangak, Pigi and Duk counties were not included in the training because CRS in not operating in those counties and the ministry will take care of their training at the end of this month.

The training was done by the director general in the ministry of agriculture together with the consultant hired by CRS to conduct training in Bor, the state capital.

“The people who are supposed to be given this knowledge now are the people of Pigi, Fangak and Duk these are the counties under CRS,” he said.

He said Dr. John Garang Memorandum University of Science will be involved in supporting the ministry in training and there is also a possibility whereby Total will be involved in supporting them though they have not yet signed the Memorandum of Understanding with them.

He said the will be going to three counties of Pigi, Fangak and Duk and the Non Governmental Organization which are operating in those counties will improve the security sector.

“They must see to it that managing and conserving forest is also very importance so we will also tell them to support nurseries and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry will implement this project,” Ngor said.

He said that there is a meeting between South Sudan Livelihood Development Program (SSLDP) and Canadian Hunger Foundation (CHF) to use seven tractors available at Werkok for ploughing during the dry season in Werkok.

The farmers which are supported by SSLDP and CHF are going to start with 300 feddans which will be for public awareness so that people see that there is a chance for them to be involved in farming.

He said this has been an abnormal year with high floods on river banks in Bor, Ayod, Duk, Fangak and Pigi counties being flooded.

“We are telling our farmers that all these water will go back and there is a need in which people can capture these opportunities for vegetable production along the river because this is the only thing that God blessed us with in Jonglei state,” said Ngor. 

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