Teachers Seek Allowances From Government

Mr. Daniel Wani Lugga came from Juba and said that the main purpose of their visit to the state is to assess the welfare of the teachers and to know their challenges and to form teachers professional union and find a possible way how to improve their welfare as well as to see that teachers are working in a conducive environment.

Mr. Daniel added that teacher’s professional union is acting as a bridge between the government and the teachers and the main vision of the union is to be the voice of teachers to be heard and their mission is to improve the general welfare of the teachers by improving their standards of leaving.

Mr. Daniel Wani Lugga said that they are hoping that in January next year teachers will start receiving allowance to improve their standard of living.

The State Minister Pia Philip Michael thanked and appreciated the team that came from Juba and the group of teachers who came for the formation of the Teachers Professional Union in the state.

The minister said that the government of the Republic of South Sudan is very keen on education and is looking on how to upgrade the education sector and welfare of the teachers but currently there is no any circular from the national ministry of education indicating which kind of allowance teachers will be receiving but it is in their plan despite the austerity measures.

He said that the formation of Teachers Professional Union in the state is very important because the union is advocating for the rights and welfare of the teachers.

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