Protesters Condemn Juba Coup Attempt

Demonstrators with banners in Wau. [James Deng Dimo]

The peaceful demonstration brought school pupils, civil servants, churches groups, and other concerned citizens of the country to the streets

State government led by deputy governor Zackaria Joseph Garang and officials welcomed the demonstrators at the state ministerial premises.

The demonstrators were bearing banners and poster written “we need peaceful Christmas not bloodshed X-mass in the country.”

While addressing the demonstrators, deputy governor Joseph Garang said what occurred in the past two days was coup and it has failed.

“We are very happy to see you the people of Western Bahr el Ghazal state to be the first state in the country to condemn Sunday Juba’s night shooting. We cannot accept any coup against current government,” Garang told protestors. 

He said that the government had asked Special Forces to tigten up security against any instability in the state.

“What was concocted in Juba was a criminal act and so as SPLM leadership which fought this peace…we will not tolerate any tolerance on any coup attempt to overthrow a democratic elected government,” said SPLM state secretary Valentino Majok Majok.

“We need one army under one government,” said Majok.

The SPLM state youth league Chairperson Diayia Abdarahaman said South Sudan does not need violence, corruption, nepotism and violent power struggle.

Abdarahaman also pointed out that any leader who needs to rule this country should avoid violence but could wait for the peaceful elections.

Today, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Hilde F. Johnson, called on all South Sudanese and all parties in the current situation to refrain from any community motivated violence.

“At a time when unity among South Sudanese is more needed than ever, I call on the leaders of this new country and all political factions and parties, as well as community leaders to refrain from any action that fuels ethnic tensions and exacerbates violence, “ said the Special Representative.

The UN Mission continues to provide protection to civilians seeking refuge from the violence. As of early Tuesday morning, an estimated 10,000 civilians have received protection in the two UNMISS compounds in Juba.

As of early Tuesday morning, the clinic at the Tomping compound had admitted 39 civilians admitted to medical treatment. They include five children. Three births occurred overnight at the clinic, whose patient caseload has already exceeded its maximum capacity of 35. The mission is taking every possible step to ensure their safety while they are staying on UNMISS premises.

At least 26 people have been killed in the clashes as fresh gunfire rang out in South Sudan’s capital early Tuesday, a day after the president announced he had defeated a coup attempt.

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