Machar Not Kiir’s Alternative: Analyst

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

Jal Biel Bapiny, an academician turned analyst, urges fellow South Sudanese to use their wisdom as they yearn for regime change.  Biel admits president Kiir made a number of mistakes in his reign but says Riek is not the best choice for South Sudan. “President Kiir made many mistakes but he is better than Riek Teny,” said the youthful analyst who also hails from the Nuer community of Dr. Riek.

Biel rebuked the tribal dimension the conflict degenerated into, saying no liberation struggle can be won on tribal grounds. He says he would support any person as president as long as he or she has the big brain, fears God, reaches the heart of all people and is supported by almost all tribes.

“We need a president who is clean for the love of this country that will bring all societies in the ten states together. I would rather be safer in the Kiir mistakes than supporting Dr. Riek’s paramount flat ounce dissecting greed angered by priorities at its nutshell,” Biel said.

“A leader is born natural with an intended universal brain for all South Sudanese not his selfish pockets. Right now, let president Kiir finish his mess. He is better because he stood firm in the last liberation struggle.

“He never defected. He stood with the 2.5m souls.  He has never proven to be a Judas Iscariot. Machar is hungry and thirsty but Kiir has been bleeding with love and passion of his fellow countrymen and women. He never begged for Khartoum’s dinar.”

He said not all Nuers are like Riek Machar as he lamented: “That is his choice, count Nuers out of Riek’s footsteps.” Biel like other Nuer politicians and intellectuals shunned the rebellion by anti-government forces who accused Kiir’s leadership of dictatorial and corrupt tendencies.

From Mid-December 2013, the country is engulfed in an internal armed conflict following an alleged “coup” attempt by anti-government forces, which has left thousands of people dead and more than 800, 000 others displaced from their homes.

This has exacerbated the already precarious humanitarian situation in the country resulting from the floods, the David Yau Yau rebellion in Jonglei and the bloody inter-communal clashes.

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