Juba 13th April, 2015. On 8.4.2015. Hon.  Juma David Augustine, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning of Central Equatoria State announced that his ministry is screening ghost names from state government’s pay-roll.  Hon. Juma said his ministry will send the list of the identified Ghost names to the state anti-corruption commission for action. Hon. Juma lamented that some government officials add names of employees who do not exist in their pay sheets, and receive their salaries at the end of every month. “I have cases of people who have a whole page of a pay sheet, someone getting a salary for all the people on the page and you wonder where they are taking this money,”Hon Juma concluded that those corrupt officials are going to be held accountable. “It’s good we know their names, where they work, where they stay; what right have you got to take salary of 10 or 20 people as an individual for more than six years?” Hon. Juma announced that his ministry is introducing an electronic pay-roll system to address the issue of ghost workers. Community Empowerment for Progress Organization-CEPO welcomes the decision and action of the Hon. Minister. It is really action and decision for transparency and accountability. CEPO considered the action and decision of the minister as remarkable and encouraging step of moving towards “zero tolerance for corruption”

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO said this is a long waiting action and decision that is expected long time ago. It was delay and not done because the previous ministers lack political will for fighting corruption. Fighting corruption with the aim of reducing it just requires political will for acting as what now Hon. Juma David Augustine, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning of Central Equatoria State. Congratulation Hon. Minister for being a role model among the state ministers of the ten states of South Sudan. It is clear that we can fight corruption we cannot abolish it but we reduce once we have political will for do so. In public institutions the will for reducing corruption is resting o the leadership of the institution such as Hon. Ministers and their top level Directors. Corruption has done more harm on us than good. The impact of corruption is as same as crime against humanity.  Mr. Yakani stressed. Finally, CEPO will be watching out on the execution of the Hon. Minister Decision and action on the matter of fighting corruption through dealing away with ghost names in the state employees pay-roll. The Hon. Minister publically announcing the fighting against corruption is remarkable and this made CEPO is placed among the potential candidate for “CORRUPTION FIGHTER AWARD” which will be on the international Anti-corruption Day 10th December, 2015

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