SIMI terrorist shoot out by MP Police after jail break and Indian national politics

After Surgical Strike terror Simi encounter case. It seems odd that the first question and Simi Surgical Strike on terror encounter case. Frequently such events (politics) is why? Where to begin with and why? The need to drill. Stand on the issue, the question itself is in the dock. The answer, according to the customs policy and administration and the ruling party should be related machinery. But, alas, the government system by answering these critical issues chubby suspicions and doubts are very encouraging. Syrup from the ruling political party in these issues being Bingo, which is enough to topple them in the public eye. Surgical Strike terror from Simi encounter case so far wrong in the country atmosphere of the discussion prepared by the ruling parties try to take political advantage of being. Interestingly, the opposition whenever such sensitive issue when questioned by the ruling party to lead in the wrong direction, and her alleged assailant “traitors” seems to be coined. Now it was clear that the introduction of the country who have been wrong in the political tradition. Although the opposition on the issue of national interest and horror of the whole country stands with the ruling party, but things are so correctly.

SIMI latest episode of Bhopal Central Jail escaped eight militants and is subsequently shot down. That being said, the police and public vigilance and alertness of Madhya Pradesh due to alleged terrorists did not succeed in its future designs. Paid with his life. On matters of political mud-slinging is unfortunate. At least in our country, of national politics, vote bank politics is over. It is absolutely right that there should be no politics on the issue of national interest. The question is what exactly what kind of rush and take credit for the government and administration is carried out by these events, she put aside the rule of law. Currently, Congress, CPI, AIMIM SIMI terrorist encounter such parties have demanded a judicial inquiry. It should be an independent inquiry because some issues are such which raises questions on the encounter. Informed that the encounter came just hours after the news on social media began to share multiple videos. It was claimed that the videos are alleged SIMI members encounter. The video’s authenticity could not be confirmed yet, but if they are correct, then these videos Madhya Pradesh police claims of serious questions arise. Such a video of hands and surrendered to the police in the five prisoners try to seem. However, these were all killed in the encounter were revealed. Like a wounded prisoner in a second video showing a policeman shoots. After the killing of the prisoners there were pictures in the media they watch them, wearing shoes and belts are visible. And that is natural to question if there is a trial of the accused in jail is not allowed to wear such things.

Amazing that such goods were worn by these people who escaped from the prison are not in prison. Can not simply dismiss the question no. People know that people familiar with the court proceedings and prison inmates are being tried in jail is not allowed to wear these things. Madhya Pradesh Police and state Home Minister claimed that all prisoners received the plates and spoons to eat, cut the throat of the security guards fled. If the prisoners fleeing jail only a few hours when the plates and spoons were in the range of 10-15 kilometers, how he would have attacked the police? All prisoners must have been aware that the police and intelligence agencies were behind them and they stay together from readily identifiable and could be caught. Then he attended the same place at the same time. In addition to these questions, it is important to also mention that the Bhopal Central Jail is considered the state’s most secure prison, and there is round the clock electronic surveillance. Prisoners absconding terrorist activities, treason and robbery charges were cases. Who was charged with being a member of an organization which is banned for years. The prisoners escape plan and how to be successful in carrying? According to media reports, the prisoners climbed the wall with sheets and rope work escaped from prison.

Congress general secretary and former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh has questioned SIMI member from Madhya Pradesh jails accused of having escaped from prison are why? He escaped from prison in 2013, the state’s Khandwa reminding expressed doubts on the matter. Khandwa four SIMI members escaped from prison in 2016, was arrested in Odisha. Digvijay Singh’s own things. He also said that SIMI operatives fled from Bhopal jail or were routed. Digvijay Singh’s remarks coincided with the situation that they have no reason not to look. Because the issue of the State Human Rights Commission has sought a report. Commission within 15 days of the incident is asked to submit a report. The Commission says it will investigate whether the video. Indeed, the encounter after video surfaced of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan government seems caught. In the video of the photo shoot and is looking to remove the knife from the pocket, hurriedly after which the Chief Minister has announced a probe to NIA. The entire development has left many questions behind. Escape from prison and the police happened to encounter, it shows that these terrorists were not alone and someone helped them too. The biggest question is that after escaping from prison, where the arms come from? After the encounter, when police searched his, then they were recovered from the dry fruits.

Now you will know when the political discussions of the case, the ruling BJP in UP polls mobilization for votes is being alleged. However, such allegations are Bilbila BJP leaders such as getting someone put a hand on his Achilles’ heel. Interestingly, the traitor to question his style can be seen. Surgical Strike a similar situation occurred between the political debates among the left. Well, now that’s dying to see what happens next.

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