PM cannot get over 6months of jail

The head of the defense council of the Prime Minister’s contempt of court case, Aitzaz Ahsen spoke to the media outside the Supreme Court and said that even if Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani was convicted, he will only have to face imprisonment for a maximum of six months.

He expressed his opinion and said that he does not think that the Prime Minister could be charged to more than six months of imprisonment. Speaking further he said that there is a certain section of media which is projecting wrong side of his statements and inferring things which he did not say. He requested the media to only quote what he says and not bring any more confusion to the case.

He also used the occasion to clarify that he did not express no-confidence in the bench of the Supreme Court and further said that it is impossible that any law exists without the conformity with the constitution.

He also gave a clear statement saying he did not question confidence or no-confidence in the panel of judges and said that he only raised a valid point before the court that a judge who takes suo motu cannot sit as a judge in the panel for hearing of the same case. He said he raised his concern in front of the panel and they listen to him patiently.

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