Salary framework will remain fair, Teo

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean spoke at the Administrative Service Dinner and Promotion Ceremony on Tuesday night and expressed that public engagement is a key determinant of the process of policy making of Singapore’s top government officials as governance is becoming challenging by the day. He also emphasized on the salary framework of public officers and said it has to remain fair and competitive if the government wishes to ensure a continuous flow of dedicated and hardworking public service servants.

Speaking further on the future planning of the government, Teo said, “Should the government really get involved in how fans get their weekly dose of football? But there was a broader issue at stake. Left to themselves, the industry players would seek to maximize value for themselves, even though it may mean inconveniences to consumers. So it was right for the Media Development Authority to step in to compel them to cross-carry programs, but again, taking care to do so in the right way.”

“It is often not possible to satisfy everyone. There will be competing interests and demands, some of which contradict one another. Often, there will have to be trade-offs and difficult decisions, which the government must not shy away from.”

He utilized the opportunity to address the nation that every decision that the government takes comes at a cost. And the real deal is to take up opportunities which offer Singaporeans the maximum benefit at the least possible cost.

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