Ng Eng Hen: Debate Budget Leads To Improvements

After the nine day debate on the Budget and Committee of Supply (COS), the Leader of the House Dr Ng Eng Hen compared this year’s debate to the one held in 2011.

He said the difference in the issues raised show there have been significant improvement in some areas. “MPs were also pleased that the housing problem has been decisively tackled. The results speak for themselves. Shorter waiting times, lower costs and greater affordability of housing pushed MND off the hot seat, to the relief of Mr Khaw’s eyebags,” said Dr Ng. “All in all, this year’s Budget and COS reflect a House holding true to the course which the President set when Parliament began in 2011 — ‘to build on our strong foundation together, to give all Singaporeans a better life and brighter tomorrow’. In this task, many MPs here cautioned that we must not become insular, not become the proverbial frog in the well staring only at our piece of sky, thinking that it is the entire universe.”

The Parliament Speaker Halimah Yacob expressed that debate was good on the Budget which places people in the center of development. “We need to ensure that the policies made in this House actually reach the people that they are meant to benefit,” Yacod said, “During the COS period, I continued with my house visits at night and many residents were still unaware about the Pioneer Generation Package and elderly residents continued to raise concerns about health care.”

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