PM Gillard clearly understands the lack of disability support

PM Julia Gillard believes that not enough is being done for disabled children. At a community cabinet meeting, she talked to Michelle, the mother of a six-year-old with Down syndrome who told her that she was ‘absolutely struggling’ to gain assistance in supervision of her daughter.

Michelle complained, “We’re a rich country and that’s not fair.”

She also requested for additional grants for the education of children with disabilities and opportunities that others in the crowded hall at Kingston High School, outside Hobart are offered. PM Gillard said the disability assistance system recently was ‘capped and queued’, so there was never sufficient amount of money to go around, even though she had promised an additional $200 million at the last election.

Ms Gillard said: “We as a nation can do better for kids with disabilities and we must do better.”

At the meeting in Tasmania, the Foreign Minister introduced himself by saying: “I’m Kevin Rudd and I’m in Australia today, so I’m very happy about that.”

Ms Gillard said to the members of Tasmania’s Upper House by saying, “I’d say to the Tassie Upper House members that it’s one thing to put your hand up for a motion and it’s another thing to put your hand up to deny the state of Tasmania millions of dollars to assist in strengthening its economy. That wouldn’t be a responsible decision.”

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