Forest fires rage in France and record heat in UK

Forest fires france uk

This article was last updated on July 18, 2022

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There will be further evacuations as a result of forest fires in France, while temperatures in the United Kingdom are forecast to reach record highs.

Last night, the massive forest fires raging in the south of France were still spreading. Both Landiras and Teste-de-Buc, both in the Gironde department near Bordeaux, are currently engulfed in flames. That’s the size of Enschede, the Dutch capital.

The blaze has forced the evacuation of 3,500 residents from Landiras. Since the blazes began last week, more than 16,000 people have been evacuated from the region. There are tens of thousands of campers among them.

Firefighting aircraft and hundreds of more personnel have been dispatched to the affected region. According to the Ministry of the Interior, nine fire-fighting aircraft are now operating throughout southern France. More than 1,700 firefighters are attempting to put out the blaze, but the extreme heat and dryness make it challenging.

In the following days, France, like many other nations in southern Europe, will have to deal with extremely high temperatures as well. Meteo France predicts a high temperature of 40 to 42 degrees today, with higher peaks. In France, it’s likely to be the warmest day on record. Fifteen departments have been placed on the highest level of alert.

Great Britain is also likely to see high temperatures. The weather office has issued an extreme weather warning for the first time. On the island, temperatures might reach above 40 degrees today and tomorrow. This year’s record high temperature was 38.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unless absolutely essential, individuals are told by the railroad boss not to travel. When it’s hot outside, the rails might expand and come into contact with the power source.

People who are suffering from the heat have been given priority by the NHS, which has rescheduled some appointments. There are some schools that are shuttered and others that have installed swimming pools in their schoolyards as an alternative.

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