Host Kate McCann faints during British Conservative leadership debate

Kate McCann

This article was last updated on July 27, 2022

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During the British Conservative Party’s leadership discussion, Kate McCann the moderator passed out.

Kate McCann, the host of the second British Conservative leadership discussion, collapsed during the broadcast. The tabloid The Sun and the British television network TalkTV organised the discussion.

Candidate Liz Truss, speaking on the United Kingdom’s support for Ukraine, cut the programme off midway through. The sound of a tremendous boom interrupted her mid-answer. Truss screamed, “Oh my gosh!” in a clearly frightened manner. The transmission was abruptly cut off and never resumed.

Doctors have recommended TalkTV not continue broadcasting since McCann is doing well, according to the network. When the corona test came back positive, one of the two presenters was unable to participate in the programme.

After the debate, both of the candidates lingered in the studio to speak with The Sun’s readers, who were asked to attend.

Earlier in the day, they held a debate on the BBC. The discussion over Boris Johnson‘s successor, in particular, revealed significant divisions within the Conservative Party. The BBC and other British media outlets are now reporting that this discussion had a more conciliatory tone.

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