Sarina Wiegman heading to Wembley

Sarina Wiegman

This article was last updated on July 27, 2022

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Sarina Wiegman describes his trip to Wembley as “extremely remarkable,” as the third final in four final competitions.

(4-0) Prince William offers his best wishes to the players after England’s win against Sweden. Former England footballer David Beckham sees the England women’s squad as a source of encouragement for young people of all genders and ethnicities. already

If you’re looking for the greatest, you’ll have to wait until 6pm on Sunday night at Wembley. Sarina Wiegman from The Hague wants to write football history on the holy turf of the mother of football temples. A worldwide successful coach who is a promoter of women‘s football.

After the team made it to the European Championship finals, Wiegman was full of pride for his teammates: “A group of people that desire to succeed.”

“Really not normal,” Wiegman admits, as he casts a forward glance. In the last four final competitions, this is the third final. “It’s a really memorable occasion.”

In fact, Wiegman currently has a goal difference of plus one hundred (!) in seventeen of her nineteen appearances as England’s national coach (including one in the quarterfinals after extra time against Spain).

More than 14 million English-speaking speakers are tuning in to the broadcast.

As the Sun put it bluntly, “in addition to the more than 30,000 viewers at a bar or restaurant, some 14 million English citizens watched on television.”

Wiegman says, “We wanted to do something here in England.” “The game of football is gaining momentum, and you can see it because of us.” So I’m hoping that a lot of kids will get back into the sport of football. “Throughout Europe and the rest of the world, to be precise.”

Wiegman currently awaits the outcome of Germany vs. France with England, having won the European Championship final in 2017 and losing the World Cup final in 2018 with the Orange.

As a result of their home court advantage, the team Wiegman is rooting for is considered a heavy favourite to win the match. One of the most talented squads in the world is vying to become European champions.

At 6 p.m. on Sunday, England will face the victor at Wembley Stadium.

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