Migrants rescued at sea off Malta

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This article was last updated on April 5, 2023

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Migrants rescued at sea off Malta

Italian aid workers from Doctors Without Borders (AzG) carried out a significant rescue operation at sea near Malta, saving 440 migrants. According to AzG, the rescue operation was challenging, with the organization receiving an emergency call two days prior through a dedicated telephone line for stranded migrants.

Due to adverse weather conditions, the aid workers could only provide the passengers with life jackets initially, and it took them ten hours to reach the boat finally. The rescued individuals, including eight women and 30 children, are now safe on board the ship and receiving care from the AzG team. The migrants, who come from countries such as Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Somalia, and Sri Lanka, spent four days at sea, the last two days without food and water. One person was transported to a hospital via helicopter due to dehydration symptoms.

After receiving initial care from MSF, the migrants will be taken to Italy. However, the number of boat migrants reaching Italy has increased over the past year, with 28,000 migrants arriving this year so far compared to 6,800 in the same period in 2022, according to news agency Reuters. Unfortunately, Italy’s right-wing government under Prime Minister Meloni has implemented a new law this year that makes rescuing boat migrants more difficult. The government has also indicated its intention to take stricter action against aid organizations, which they believe attract migrants to the region.

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