Police cautions to face scrap under system overhaul in England and Wales

British government has planned to scrap police cautions in England and Wales as part of a systematic overhaul in the way out-of-court disposals for minor offences are dealt with.

“Soft option” will be replaced with a two-tier system. Earlier, the police officers had the available disposals including cautions and cannabis warnings.

Under the fresh plans, the offenders would be required to make good damage they have done through making apology to victims and make ­reparation by paying compensation for less serious crimes

For more serious crimes, the offenders will get a suspended prosecution with some fine or face court action if they fail to comply with certain conditions or even have to attend rehabilitation.

The reformed approach will be exercised by three police forces including Staffordshire, West Yorkshire and Leicestershire through pilot programs over the next year.

The Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has said while announcing the changes: “Offenders will face prosecution if they fail to comply with conditions set by the police, so no one is allowed to get away with the soft option.”

In 2013, 391,171 out-of-court orders were made, down from 522,133 in the year to March 2010.

Police forces have also welcomed the reforms and said the changed approach should help cut bureaucracy.

However, the Police Federation has warned that despite the potential of the pilot scheme to increase confidence and effectiveness of the criminal justice system, a lack of training of the personnel conducting it may threat its potential success.

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