Jundallah’s suicide bomber devastates Iranian religious holiday

Jundallah, a Sunni rebel group is claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing which has killed 41 people marring Iran’s biggest Shia religious holiday. Also more than 50 people were injured during the attack which apparently involved four bombers. Two of the bombers managed to detonate explosives attached to their belts while a third was shot by police and a fourth was arrested. This incident occurred in the port city of Chabahar, close to the Pakistani border during a religious ceremony on the eve of Ashoura.
Oye! Times reported on this rebel group back in July 2010 when they claimed responsibility for 2 bomb blasts which killed 27 and injured 167. At that time the motive of their attack seemed to be in retaliation for the assassination of their leader. This latest attack shows that despite the loss of their leader, they still remain active.
Jundallah, also known as People’s Resistance Movement of Iran (PRMI) is an organization supposedly based in Balochistan claiming to fight for the rights of Sunni Muslims in Iran. The Iranian government considers it a terrorist group and alleges that it is supported by the U.S. Reputable sources like The Telegraph have reported that the United States does in fact have links to various militant groups in Iran as part of a plan to sow dissent in the country and hopefully forestall Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Even ABC News has reported on the indirect links between America and some of its more questionable partners including Jundallah in its overall international plan in dealing with what it considers as "rogue nations". Considering this is all part of the Bush administration’s war on terror which includes things like waterboarding in direct violation of the Geneva Convention, nothing seems surprising.
It is interesting to see newspaper reports of various leaders condemning this bombing including Obama and Clinton of the United States. So far there has been no mention of anything said by George W. Bush or Dick Cheney about this issue.
The Iranian government knows the U.S. is meddling in their internal affairs. Is this accomplishing anything or is it alienating the Iranians? What if China found out America was funding terrorist groups in the country in an attempt, probably a lame attempt to destabilize the Chinese government?
41 innocent bystanders were killed and another 50 were injured. In July 27 were killed and 167 were injured. Is this not so secret plan to conscript rebel groups to do some dirty work in various not-friends-of-the-U.S. countries succeeding in forcing a regime change more favourable to Western ideals?
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