Trudeau Condemns NDP’s Proposal

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Liberal leadership candidate Justin Trudeau has strictly criticized the proposal of NDP to instigate division of Canada through a simple majority in a referendum, he alleged that such plan will only divide the two opposition parties even further than they already are.

Mr. Trudeau was addressing the media in Calgary, when he opposed the new NDP bill allowing to commence Quebec secession with a result of 50 percent plus one, provided the question is direct and refers clearly to the goal of separation. Mr. Trudeau asserted that “you cannot be half pregnant on the question of Canadian unity.” He condemned that “[NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair’s] willingness to equivocate, his willingness to be open to a 50 per cent plus one vote on sovereignty takes us back in a direction that we don’t want to go. It’s a very careful political calculation by him to appease his strong nationalist base in Quebec.”

The Liberal Party, which currently holds third-place in the house, is highly under pressure to start sharing concerns and holding talks for cooperation with the NDP and the Green Party as an attempt to ousted the Conservative government in the next election. But on the contrary, Mr. Trudeau stated that such new constitutional proposal of the NDP point towards how different the two parties are on key issues. He stated that “for me it’s absolutely unacceptable and yet another example of where cooperation between the Liberals and the NDP in the coming years is out of the question for me.”

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  1. I use to support the Liberals, then as I got older I realized they spoke with two faces. They talk social policy but in their efforts they are all about money and big business 1%. Martin why dcomment_ID he have your ships registered out of country?

  2. Maybe we should ask Trudeau and other like minded politicians what they think about democracy. Notwithstanding the very undemocratic first past the post system we have in canada, usually democracy is when 50% plus one agree on something then their will prevails. Or is it 75% plus one in the Liberals view of democracy. So some issues are too important, say the liberals, to leave it to the will of the majority. Please Justin tell us how democracy is supposed to work in your world. When is 50% plus one enough and when is it not enough and justify your position.

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