Women’s Group Says Baird’s Support of Gay Rights is Abuse of Power

A conservative women’s group has harshly criticized Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, for speaking in favor of gay rights on the world stage, alleging that his views are contradictory with Canadian values and his own Conservative party. The harshly worded press release issued on Wednesday by the REAL Women of Canada critiqued Baird, asserting that the minister has abused his cabinet post “to further his own perspective on homosexuality.”

During an interview, the national vice-president of REAL Women, Gwendolyn Landolt, stated that “he has certainly been an activist in Canada and abroad on this issue. He’s just put it out front and foremost.” In his remarks last week, Baird alleged that Canada is working tirelessly for months in attempt to convince Russia not to implement the anti-gay rights law. Speaking with The Canadian Press, Baird elaborated that the “mean-spirited and hateful law” is an “incitement to intolerance.” He added that “and intolerance and hate breed violence,” while pointing out that Canada is “deeply disturbed, deeply concerned” about the controversial legislation that has sparked protests.

On the contrary, Landolt highlighted that Baird was meddling with irrelevant issues by raising such concerns. Landolt stated that “it really is offensive,” and “the issue is really why he is interfering in a sovereign country’s legislation? He really has no business to do that.” It was added that “I don’t want other countries to get what we have here where people’s religious values and traditional values are being pushed aside and giving homosexuals priority.” She alleged that “according to Mr. Baird it’s a protection of human rights but it’s not universally accepted. It’s not a Canadian value.”

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