Police Alerted after Rehtaeh Parsons’s Father Threatened Online

Several months after the remorseful suicide of Rehtaeh Parsons, giving up to an alleged sexual assault and years of online bullying, her father has now revealed that he has also been target of online threats. Mr. Glen Canning was threatened over the internet almost three weeks ago, via a comment on his YouTube page, which said “keep talkin shhit. Cuz I no urn face, your car, where u live, and what you do.” It was added “so keep gettin lippy, bud n u might be going to visit urn daughter.”

Mr. Canning claims to have immediately conveyed the information onto police, speaking about which, Constable Tracy MacDonald of the Halifax Regional Police stated that “it’s being take as something that has some merit, and we’re still going through the process of the investigation.” The YouTube user who made threat on Mr. Canning’s page has also been writing several other demeaning comments aimed at Rehtaeh. At one instance, it was written: “the filthy stuff is just – it’s hard to comprehend someone would be saying something like this about my daughter.”

The case of Rehtaeh Parsons suicidal death in April ignited an elaborative and fiery public debate online and amongst lawmakers who took on the task of creating stricter laws to curb cyberbullying and sexual assault. Additionally, the case gathered international attention as an online activist group, Anonymous, announced to take it upon itself to reveal those who bullied Rehtaeh, and even Prime Minister Stephen Harper weighed into the debate at multiple occasions.

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