MacKay Says Trudeau’s Credibility is ‘up in smoke’ After Pot Confession

Commenting on Justin Trudeau’s recent alarming confession of having smoked pot while being a Member of Parliament, Justice Minister Peter MacKay alleged that his credibility now is “up in smoke,” pointing out that the federal Liberal Party leader admitted smoking marijuana around the same time he voted in the House to increase penalties for pot possession.

The Huffington Post recently published an article on Thursday, citing an interview in which Trudeau confessed having smoked marijuana about a half-dozen times. The article elaborated the incident in Trudeau’s words, who elucidated that he was with friends at a backyard party hosted by himself and his wife almost three years ago. Commenting on these revelations on Thursday, MacKay issued a statement mentioning that Trudeau’s confession of smoking weed while a Member of Parliament “demonstrates a profound lack of judgment,” and called the Liberal leader a “poor example for all Canadians, particularly young ones.”

Later on Friday, MacKay was in Halifax when he answered several questions of reporters regarding his statement. Answering a particular question, MacKay stated that “I think it’s against law and most Canadians expect that their Member of Parliament to obey the law.” He stated that “this admission of smoking marijuana, breaking the law, doing so knowingly while he was a Member of Parliament, the politics of this are such that there’s an element of hypocrisy of having voted on the record to increase penalties around the same time that he was lighting up. So his credibility is a little up in smoke.”

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