Industry Canada Launches “MoreChoices” Site Saying “Our Work is Not Done”

Minister of Industry, James Moore, has reiterated the government’s stance alleging that it is “standing up for Canadian consumers” amid the ongoing competition between the Big 3 Canadian wireless carriers and the Conservative government. Both sides are doing their best to educate Canadians of their viewpoint regarding what they believe is ‘Fair for Canada’ and best for the future of wireless our country.

The carriers have demanded the government to cover up several leniencies in the law that can allow larger foreign players to enter the Canadian wireless space, especially US based Verizon Wireless. The Big 3 have stressed at several occasions that they are not trying to avoid more competition in the market, though they ask for a ‘level playing field’ and are of the opinion that any flexibility allowed by the government to an outside company “will have massive consequences for Canadians.”

Meanwhile, Minister Moore and his team have specially designed a purposefully made website, entitled ‘MoreChoices,‘ which is in sync with the Industry Canada site format and offers numerous facts, quotes and ‘tools’ for Canadians to make themselves up to date regarding the choices the government is making to “protect” their wireless needs. The site displays a timeline which proves that government has worked continuously to bring “More choice. Lower prices. Better service” to wireless in Canada. At last, the site claims that “our work is not done. The upcoming auctions are an opportunity to build on our success and provide Canadians with more choice. Because more choice means lower prices and better service.”

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