Quebec Police Investigates Vandalizing of Mosque with Pig Blood

Police in Quebec’s Saguenay region has begun its investigation into an incident that left a mosque in Chicoutimi sprayed with what appears to be pig’s blood. Even though mosque officials have refrained from filing an official complaint so far, police is calling the incident “a heinous act.” The person in charge of the mosque, Moustafa Elayouby, alleged that he does not believe that Quebec should be judged by this individual act. He stated that “it doesn’t even deserve a response.”

So far no one has claimed responsibility for the vandalism at Mosquée de Saguenay, though a letter left at the mosque denounced Islam and asked its supporters to “assimilate or go home.” A copy of the letter acquired by Radio-Canada in the Saguenay region stated that “this mosque has been baptized with fresh pig’s blood from Quebec.” This extraordinary curious incident has taken place at an extremely controversial time where the Quebec government is preparing to introduce a controversial secular charter, aimed at banning to wear hijabs and other religious clothing and symbols.

President of the Canadian Muslim Forum, Samer Majzoub, stated that he sees a link between this incident and the political climate surrounding the proposed charter. He stated that “clearly the government of Quebec is intending to deny a segment of Quebecers their human right of their expression of religion, either by their dress or their expression of values.” Meanwhile, mayor of the Saguenay, Jean Tremblay, alleged that “this comes as no surprise to us and we are even expecting the worst.”

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