Alberta Minister Publicly Apologizes for Saying F-Word on Air

Municipal Affairs Minister of Alberta, Doug Griffiths, has publicly apologized for using a curse word while criticizing the Leader of the Opposition and Wildrose Party, Danielle Smith, during an interview. Doug Griffiths spoke the F-word on Thursday while talking about Smith’s concerns regarding the entry into homes and the seizure of firearms by the RCMP during the June flooding.

Smith had expressed several concerns about the RCMP’s conduct at a townhall meeting in High River on Thursday night, where she also stated that “all signs point to the provincial government. The province contracts the RCMP and if they have caused this kind of damage, two, three, thousand dollars per home owner, someone’s gotta pay and it’s gotta be the province.” Smith has alleged that the costs might get as high as $5 to $6M if the 1900 homeowners in High River are each compensated an average of $3000.

Upon inquiry about her views on Griffiths’ comment, Smith stated that “I think Mr. Griffiths might need a holiday. I think that kind of language is inappropriate and I have been holding townhall meetings all the way through to be able to fill the information gaps for my constituents and I’m going to keep doing that. I think that he’s kind of missing the point. The point is eleven weeks later we have 1900 homeowners who had their doors busted down, significant damage caused and no one is taking responsibility to compensate and pay them back.” Griffiths apologized later the same day on twitter saying “My apologies for my inappropriate language today.”

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