PC Choose Hancock as Interim Premier of Alberta

PC caucus has announced to have chosen Dave Hancock as the new interim premier of Alberta in light of Alison Redford’s sudden announcement to resign on Wednesday night. Emerging from an intense caucus meeting held on Thursday morning, Hancock stated that “I feel humbled about that, it’s a real privilege to serve our caucus and our government and it’s a real privilege to serve Albertans.”

Former Premier, Alison Redford, and her daughter were seen walking into the caucus meeting only few minutes before Hancock and several senior party members emerged to make the announcement. Hancock reminded reporters that Redford’s resignation has not changed government’s mandate because “it’s the mandate of government, it’s the mandate under which our MLAs were elected under, and that’s what we’ll continue to do until the party finishes its process of selecting a new leader.”

According to the PC Party constitution, a leadership race should now be held within four to six months, including all Alberta resident who fulfil the age limit of 14 and hold a Tory membership, i.e. a $10.00 purchase. Hancock stated that “the new leader will meet with caucus to talk about the rest of the balance of the mandate before the election.” Since last election, the PC Party has made several changes to its leadership voting procedure which will apply to the next vote. The party decided to abolish the so-called preferential balloting system that was in place when Alison Redford and Ed Stelmach won. The next provincial election will be held in 2016.

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