CTF Fears Six-Figure Severance Deals for Redford’s Ex-Senior Staffers

Several staff member of Premier Alison Redford’s office were fired even before the premier’s departure from office, who are now anticipated to receive hefty payouts. During an interview, Redford’s director of communications, Stefan Baranski, confirmed that he was fired from his position along with other senior staff in the premier’s office. Even though he refuse to confirm how many staff members lost their jobs, he confirmed that chief of staff, Farouk Adatia, was among those fired on midnight Thursday.

Ms. Redford’s announcement to resign as premier on Sunday led to an intense caucus meeting by the Progressive Conservative, which chose Dave Hancock to be their interim leader. Redford was ousted by several controversies over expenses but mostly her resignation was triggered by a revolt from some members of the caucus over her leadership style. During the interview, Baranski alleged that the PC party has “a hell of a lot of good people in it,” but he added to be “profoundly disappointed” by how Redford has been treated. He alleged that “elements in this party and caucus decided their interests were more important than the peoples.’” Baranski stated that “certain people on this team think they can spell team with an I,” and “it’s sad.”

Alberta’s new sunshine list confirms that Baranski made $231,000 in salary and cash benefits last year, whereas Adatia made $357,000 in salary and cash benefits last year. Calculating on that, The Canadian Taxpayers Federation predicted Baranski to be eligible for a severance package of 103,914 while Adatia will receive $316,274. In a tweet, CTF’s Derek Fildebrandt alleged that it’s “quite the golden handshake.”

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