Calgary MLA Brown Offers to Step down For Leadership Candidate Prentice

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Calgary MLA Neil Brown has announced that even though he loves his job, he is willing to vacate his position in order to allow former federal cabinet minister and PC leadership candidate, Jim Prentice, to run in his riding in case he wins. Brown stated that “if he asks me to do it, I wouldn’t hesitate” because “I think he is a great guy.”

Mr. Prentice is widely anticipated as the front-runner in the leadership race to replace Alison Redford as the Tory party leader since the PC party is moving to elect Alberta’s next premier in September. Since Mr. Prentice is not a sitting MLA, he would need to run in a byelection before the 2016 provincial election in order to obtain a seat in the legislature. He has already refuted all plans alleging that he will run in the upcoming byelection in Calgary-Elbow, i.e. the seat from which Redford resigned, causing confusion over where he might run. Mr. Prentice mentioned categorically last week that “I have never had any intention of running in Calgary-Elbow.”

Despite making the offer publicly, Mr. Brown clarified that he has not yet made the offer to Prentice, neither has he been asked. He mentioned on Friday that “I certainly haven’t talked to Jim about it all,” and that he made the decision after finding out that Mr. Prentice might be interested in running in a northwest Calgary riding. He said that “I have no idea what his plans are. There are at least a half-dozen ridings that overlap.”

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