Transportation Safety Board to Inspect Grand Manan Plane Crash

Authorities have confirmed that the debris of the plane fallen on Saturday is still untouched since it crashed on early Saturday morning on Grand Manan. Transportation Safety Board Senior Investigator, Doug Mcewen, confirmed that “the aircraft is relatively intact. Some individually components separated during the impact sequence,” adding that “it is basically a complete identity.”

Mr. Mcewen started investigating the crash yesterday by interviewing the two survivors. The two other passengers who passed away during the crash were pilot, Klaus Sonnenburg, and paramedic, William Mollac. Better known as Billy, Mr. Mollac, was a renowned personality on the island since he served as a paramedic for more than 20 years. Whereas, Klaus was a well-known pilot who flew Grand Manan’s air ambulance. Mayor Dennis Green mentioned in his remarks that “it was hard to believe that something like this had happened,” adding that “I flown with Klaus many many times. I’ve flown with Peter, his son. They are both great pilots.

The crash site was encircled by RCMP officers yesterday in order to facilitate the initial investigation, however there is no information yet about what caused the plane crash. MLA Rick Doucet reportedly stated that “I think everyone is completely puzzled as to what happened,” adding that “Klaus was a very good pilot. He knew his stuff. There are a number of people that can count the blessings of having Klaus around because they got off this island very safely to hospitals.”

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