Canada Can Save 25,000 Refugees Instead of Killing People

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Canada could absorb 19,000 refugees today if it stopped the useless military campaign

By Stephen Pate – In April 2015 the Harper government estimated Canada would spend $518 million to fight ISIS as part of the Syrian civil war. CBC

The same government pegs the cost of supporting a Syrian refugee at $27,000 a year.

If Canada stopped bombing and killing people we could look after 19,000 of the 4 million desperate Syrian refugees without spending one more cent.

It’s even worse than that. A more recent estimate puts the cost at $880 million, enough to save 32,000 Syrian refugees.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is unimpressed by the plight of these desperate people. When asked if he would allow more Syrian immigrants, he coolly asked the rhetorical question,

“What’s enough? What’s enough?” he shot back repeatedly.” National Post

Does anyone know why we are making war in the Middle East? What’s the end-game?

We are definitely helping to create more refugees and killing our fair share of Syrians and Iraqis. Canada is a long way from our former role as peacekeepers.

For his part, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stated he intends to intensify the bombing. National Post

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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