Nine unconventional moan zones

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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You may just be whispering into your girlfriend’s ear and, surprisingly, find her sighing in ecstasy… your gal may be equally surprised when you get ready for action as she caresses your inner thighs .

Welcome to the special world of pleasure zones. Let’s face it, everyone has a button to push, and if you correctly explore these erotic spots in your body, it can assure you and your lover of a memorable sexual high.

“Many of us love to believe that it’s only women who possess dozens of pleasure zones which cause excitement when touched, while men just possess one. But the truth is that most men become excited when their partner pays attention to certain special spots beyond the obvious ones. The sensory tips present in these areas are sexually aroused by mere touch, caressing or even fondling. You may not even know where these spots are, but do not fret, for that just makes finding them all the more desirable for both of you,” says Vrinda Vohra, a Delhi-based relationship counsellor.

As curiosity is part of our genetic makeup, most men and women remain curious as to what turns their partners on. Which spot can we touch to drive them absolutely crazy? Well then, today’s your lucky day because we bring you nine unconventional moan zones…

Pleasure Zone 1 – Luscious lips
Kissing on the lips is often considered as an emblem of affection, symbol of sexual consent and foundation of foreplay; little do people realise that this first step can make or mar a much-planned sex session. “Yes, it’s true. If you know how to maneuver your partner by kissing, sucking and biting their lips, it is very possible that this kiss will lead to a lot more than you expected,” says 27-year-old Palak Burman

Kissing, licking and nibbling the lips has an equally heady effect on women, as on men. Dr Vrinda gives some tips, “Use your lips, your tongue and your teeth to play with your partner’s top and bottom lip and kiss him/her with complete passion. The funda is that don’t just kiss the lips – devour them! Experiment and find out just how serious of a zone one’s lips can be.”

Pleasure Zone 2 – Hairline, forehead and eyelids
Many erogenous zones in men and boys are best activated when the body is completely relaxed. When the head, forehead and eye area are stoked in the right way, they trigger the most amazing feelings. The area above and on the eyelid possesses a great concentration of nerves, and giving a gentle massage along the arch of the eyebrow and onto the temple is a great way to start foreplay.

“Remember that a gentle head massage can do wonders, much more than any foreplay act. Also, the spot between the outer corner of the eye and the cheekbone is very sensitive. Start with placing passionate kisses on that zone and continue wandering your lips or breathing all over your lover’s face, concentrating on these zones,” explains sexologist Jayanti Mishr.

Highlighting the importance of mental relaxation, Vrinda adds, “Each person’s reaction to arousing methods depends entirely on his/her physical and mental makeup at the time of the sexual act. Stimulation of the head and face zones has more to do with cerebral arousal than physical excitement.”
Pleasure Zone 3 – Ears to neck region
Ears are one of the most sensitive areas, yet the most ignored pleasure zones. Just breathing on this part of body gives him/her goose bumps all over. It is also a good place to start giving your partner an alluring, irresistible sensual massage. “The killer areas for men are the neck, face and the earlobes. When a man’s earlobe is gently sucked, we quickly envision those lips somewhere else,” shares 32-year-old Vikas Raina.

Sex therapist, Raman Rahilla explains, “The most erogenous zones are inside the right ear. Have you ever tried to scratch yourself there? Doesn’t it feel wonderful? Use your lips, tongue or fingers to trace the folds of your partner’s ears, gently bite on his/her lobes, and softly stroke behind their ears and down the back of his neck. Trust me, this will drive them crazy with desire”

Pleasure Zone 4 – Neck to shoulders region
Believe it or not, some women can even achieve an orgasm from stimulation just in this area! When tickled, caressed or even touched, this region lends an extraordinary sexual high. “I think every man thinks that the key to arousal lies down under, but the truth is that like me, many women find stimulation of the neck more erotic than every other kind of stimulation. The very thought of touch on this area acts as an impetus for further sexual arousal,” shares 29-year-old Rajvidya.

Dr Vrinda further illustrates, “It is important to think of your lover’s body as a complete and integrated organism, of which every inch is worthy of loving attention and caresses, rather than a map where specific areas are singled out. The area between the neck to the shoulder is one of the most overlooked erotic zones which is extremely exciting. A majority of men and women get totally turned on by stimulation of the area from the back and sides of their necks to the ends of their shoulder blades.”
Apart form being a great moan zone, this area allows you to demonstrate your wild side, without hurting your partner. “This is the best area to place hard kisses and love bites. My personal experience says that the more time you spend here, the louder her moans will be,” points out 30-year-old Rehman Ansari.

Pleasure Zone 5 – Navel to bladder region
The navel is an erotic point, and so are the structures in the middle of the belly between the navel and lower abdomen. This area is most vulnerable to touch, caress, fondle and kiss. The stimulation creates sensations that radiate out from the navel to the surroundings, and spreads downwards. Raman explains, “This structure contains a furrow between the belly muscles. The structures in this channel are very sensuous. I would suggest that the naval be tickled by sticking a finger into it. However, be cautious and alternate the massage between light, gentle, slow tickling, and harder, sharper tickling.”

“Women need foreplay before the actual act because they are usually preoccupied with their daily routine and foresee the loving and caressing as a sensuous means to achieve mental arousal before the physical arousal. I find strokes on the belly area very sensual. It’s like a quick turn on and thankfully my partner knows about it,” says 36-year-old Vishakha Raghu Sharma.

Vikas Raina suggests a few tips, “Take one of your fingers and slowly and gently draw circles on her tummy and around her belly button. Don’t forget the power of kissing and licking the navel and pelvic areas. Most women fantasize about being held in a firm manly grip, so don’t be afraid to put your hands on or around her waist.” 

Pleasure Zone 6 – The creases around the body
The most sensitive area of any person is his/her lower torso. This is the crease or line that extends across the lower abdomen from one hipbone to the other. Another exceptionally erotic zone is the crease between the curve of the buttocks and the top of the thighs, known as the sacral crease. Stroking or running a finger along this crease usually produces a strong, erotic response. “Because of all the nerve endings behind the various folds of one’s body, you’d be surprised at how crazy your lover can become when you gently lick or nibble on these creases,” says Raman.

“It would be a nice move if you explore this ‘trail’ before reaching anywhere else. In fact, even the skin behind the knees is very thin and soft and responsive to touch as the nerves are close to the surface. Most women find that kissing and licking the crease directly behind the knee very pleasurable, some even get shivery chills of excitement from such a stimulation. From your partner’s feet, work your way to this zone and then focus on it,” recommends Vrinda.

However, be careful not to overdo it because the area, after all, is very sensitive and you must be careful not to make the sensation annoying by getting too rough or tickling too much.

Pleasure Zone 7 – Thigh region
The inside of the thighs are highly sensitive to touching, stroking and licking. Just like the back of the knees, inner thighs also have multiple nerve endings, therefore when you fondle them; you can turn your partner on. Treat it as the penultimate moan zone, the last area to be stimulated before moving to his/her genitals.

“If you are speaking of moan zones, it would be sheer idiocy to overlook the thigh area, as soft kisses and light fingertip stroking from his/her knees right up to (but not including) her privates sends your partner into that loud moaning state,” shares Raman.

36-year-old Shivani Kureshi provides tips by sharing her real life experience, “The teasing nature of such touches sparks the lights where there is no fire. Anticipation is the key to feminine arousal and thigh stimulation leaves one craving for more. Massaging, kissing and lightly caressing the inside of the thighs almost always leave me begging him to move up.”

Though, remember not to bite as the area is very sensitive and doing so would cause her mild pain, which will, in turn, cause you plenty of pain.

Pleasure Zone 8 – Ankle and feet region
The foot represents an erogenous zone for those who nurture a foot fetish. It has curves and delicate zones and can respond to hard and soft caresses, while also remaining hidden much of the time. A foot fetishist notices the curve of the ankle into the heel, the arch of the foot as it sits in a high heel, and the perfect alignment of the toenails. “The feet can be caressed and fondled just as any other erogenous zone. Some men like to tickle and stimulate a woman’s feet with feathers to see the way it moves and twists. Because the area is so sensitive, the person who is attached to the feet may find that what once caused laughter now caused desire,” elucidates Jayanti Mishr.

However, Raman thinks this is a conditional moan zone. “Some women are self-conscious about their feet and might be reluctant to allow you to pay court to them. For others, however, it is a very erotic area. It is important to test your partner’s attitude towards it. If he/she responds with moans, you have identified another prime target for arousing your partner.”

“While not everyone likes their feet (some of my friends don’t) some like me, find it highly erotic to touch, lick, stroke, and look at. The mantra is to learn the pressure points of a woman’s feet and reap the benefits. A foot massage can be an extremely pleasurable experience. Pedicures and perfumed feet are the alternate ways to make a foot fetishist weak in the knees,” shares Rahman Ansari.

Pleasure Zone 9 – Armpits and wrists
This one is especially dedicated to the girls. It may come as a shock to most guys, but women love having their wrists nuzzled and nibbled by their partners. Licking their armpits can be highly erotic for the recipient as the sensitive areas give both pleasure and subtle pain. “Arms also have a subtle reference to servitude and submission. Try very lightly stroking the underside of your partner’s forearm and wrists with your fingertips or gently raking them with your fingernails. Start kissing her from her wrist and move towards her arm, just barely touching her as you pass,” advocates Rajvidya.
Pleasure zones are a highly individual matter. Explore your lover’s body – every nook and cranny – and find out what turns them on. It is well worth the time and effort if it means a more exciting experience for both of you.


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