Laura Prepon: Leaving Scientology Is Not Easy!

It’s a tangled web that Scientology weaves. This week Orange is the New Black actress Laura Prepon stated that she has not been involved in Scientology for the past five years – around the time she started dating her now-husband Ben Foster. She also emphasized that Ben has NEVER been a member of the church. Turns out that Laura was drawn into Scientology in the late 90’s by her That 70’s Show costar (and lifetime Scientologist) Danny Masterson.The “church” no doubt rewarded Danny handsomely for recruiting a celebrity. Laura also dated Danny’s brother Christopher for 8 years. Coincidentally, Ben Foster was Danny’s BFF during the early 2000’s and people assumed HE was a Scientologist also. Ben claims he wasn’t and now whenever Laura talks about leaving the church, she makes it a point to mention that Ben was never a member. Now that Danny Masterson is up on rape charges by several women, and the “church” is accused of a cover-up, celebrity Scientologists are distancing themselves, and we hope some ARE really cutting ties. We continue to theorize that the church helps celebrity members avoid paying taxes on their big incomes by faking and writing off huge church contributions – among other things- and they make it VERY difficult to leave. If only churches paid taxes like everyone else, this would all end!

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA, Ben and Laura at Independent Film Awards (she’s 5’10” and pregnant)

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